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  1. 2008.10.08 [oracle]Physical IO가 많은 상위 10개 테이블 조회하기
2008. 10. 8. 15:25

[oracle]Physical IO가 많은 상위 10개 테이블 조회하기

physical I/O가 많은 상위 10개 테이블 조회하기
select table_name,total_phys_io
from ( select owner||'.'||object_name as table_name,
               sum(value) as total_phys_io
         from   v$segment_statistics
         where  owner!='SYS' and object_type='TABLE'
 and  statistic_name in ('physical reads','physical reads direct',
                         'physical writes','physical writes direct')
         group by owner||'.'||object_name
         order by total_phys_io desc)
 where rownum <=10;
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